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Carcassonne is a magnificent fortified town with a rich cultural heritage including its two exceptional sites listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites: the Carcassonne Medieval City and the Canal du Midi.

Listed as a UNESCO World
Heritage Site

The Medieval City

Situated on the right bank of the Aude, the Medieval City is a fortified citadel unique in Europe owing to its size and the condition it is in. Its history is marked by 2,000 years of conquest and by traces of Catharism and the Crusades.

The canal du Midi

Constructed in the XVIIth century with a view to linking the Atlantic to the Mediterranean, the Canal du Midi, historically used for transporting people and goods, is frequented today by amateur yachtsmen and tourists. Whether on foot, bike or navigating it from the water, find a way to explore it!

Carcassonne classée au patrimoine de l'UNESCO
Carcassonne, une région riche en découvertes

A region with a multiple
of hidden gems

Make the most of your trip to Carcassonne to visit the surrounding areas steeped in history, such as Montolieu, the Village du Livre et des Arts, Mirepoix, the Medieval village, the Lagrasse village with its magnificent abbey and the Cathar Castles…
Alternatively, simply relax while taking in the verdant countryside in which the Lac de la Cavayère is nestled.

Carcassonne is also synonymous with a wine route, allowing you to savour the produce of its widely-acclaimed vineyards.

You can also make the most of the nearby seaside offering by visiting Narbonne and Gruissan with its waterside cabins, located just 40 minutes away from the hotel.

France’s pink city, Toulouse, is also a mere stone’s throw away! Count on the trip to visit it taking you about 50 minutes by car.

La région de Carcassonne
La ville de Carcassonne